Toosii – what it cost (download)

Toosii – what it cost (download)

Toosii – what it cost (download)

Here is Toosii – what it cost (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

The new single comes with a video which starts off with a clip of Toosii opening up about a family member who passed away and how his family motivates him to go harder.

“Every day I wake up with a chip on my shoulder,” he says. “Like damn, I got all these people I gotta take care of. Shit if something happens to me what I’ma do?”

Toosii dropped his project Platinum Heart last February and gifted fans with the deluxe version as well, both versions containing no features.

I got a bad bitch but don’t need her
I got a bad bitch but’ll leave her
I hang with bakers like Anita
And I had some bad dreams ’bout the reaper
I just rock Off-White, not Adidas
I just might Off-White my tuxedo
These niggas act, Danny DeVito
I know she a freak bitch with the Speedo, I’m givin’ her
I’m tryna run up them dividends
She lost her mind if she think I’m gon’ give her some
Say she a fish in the pond, I’m a bigger one
It don’t take shit to go get a gun
I made it out, I was just with the little one
How you an activist and you ain’t did enough?
Pray to God ’bout my life then I live it up (Live it up, live it up)

I hit it one time with no cutter
Switchin’ bitches like switching whips, nigga fuckin’
See me with another bitch, I’m up to something
See you with the opps, we catch ’em, get to dumpin’, he in the past
I put lil’ bro and n’em on his ass
Cartier, thought this would be my last
Took a year, ran it up, and I did it fast
I put the losses with the wins
Introduced bosses to my friends
Introduced friends to the bosses so we all could be bosses at the end
Took the bitch from a seven, turned her to a ten
Now the bitch want a big bag with no glint

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