Tee Grizzley & G Herbo – Never Bend Never Fold (download)

Tee Grizzley & G Herbo – Never Bend Never Fold (download)

Tee Grizzley & G Herbo – Never Bend Never Fold (download)

Here is Tee Grizzley & G Herbo – Never Bend Never Fold (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

The visuals starts with the Detroit rapper and his Chicago cohort planning some kind of crypto-related heist in a Harold’s Chicken Shack. A day later, they get the drop on an apparent briefcase exchange, retrieving the goods following a dramatic shootout. Elsewhere, Grizzley and Herbo perform the track in matching hoodies with high end whips parked behind them.

Last year, Grizzley blessed his fans with The Smartest, his latest project that saw 17 tracks with additional features from Hit-Boy, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Lil Keed, Queen Naija, and the Detroit Youth Choir.

Ayy, rappers all the time but we savages at the crib (Back in move)
Tell Lenny pull up foreign, tint the windows on this bitch (Yeah)
You know we plan on shootin’ first, if we ain’t bulletproof this bitch (Grrra)
Keep a nigga with me that’s gon’ tell the police that they is (They is)
Think a nigga drunk, I put that .40 to his rib (Baow)
If we don’t go on a chase, know I’ma do ’em big (Skrrt)
We went on two hits a day when brodie bought a seal (Back to back)
I can’t even add the cake, feel like I’m doin’ trick (Woo)
And that’s no bap (No cap)
Had a hunnid at my momma house, before rap (That’s before rap)
Left a nigga with his strap like he had no strap (Dropped it)
Know somebody gotta die, we put it on cap (On God)
And you can’t sell a dime bag, bitch this folk’s trap (This is bro’s shit)

Herbo on the shoot ’em, I’m like, “Broski, we got children” (Yeah)
I was bein’ cheap, Herbo like, “Broski, we got millions” (Spend that shit)
My hitman say he hidin’, I’m like, “Find that nigga, spin again”
His momma pulled up in that Lamb’ and I can’t find that nigga ceiling (Drop)
Seein’ six figures turn to seven, what a feeling (Go)
Got lil’ killers itchin’, let ’em at ’em, let ’em get ’em (Stretch his ass)
Niggas with the Hell in the Heaven, so we chillin’ (Fuck ’em)
Like we go to school, up at seven but we drillin’ (Ayy)
Ask the teacher, “Can I hit the bathroom?” but I’m shootin’ dice
If I lose I’m robbin’ niggas, drop that shit or lose your life (Put that shit down)
I’m a grizzly but I’m like a zebra, I got too much stripes (Too many)
I’ll take the fleeing and looting, bend some corners, stole that pipe (Throw that)
Me and hoes be playin’ catch, I throw a text, they throw that neck (Suck it)
Bro’ll take your shit off in this bitch, you know I’ma throw that check (I got you)
Flexing ’round my niggas, you better show them upmost respect (What?)
We bully niggas on that court, fuck around and press the ref’ (Why you start shit?)

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