Dave – Titanium (download)

Dave – Titanium (download)

Dave – Titanium (download)

Here is Dave – Titanium (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

Dave originally previewed “Titanium” on an Instagram story in March 2021 to positive reception. He later released the track alongside “Mercury” featuring Kamal. to mark his first musical drop since October 2019 song “Paper Cuts.”

Dave speaks on his current lifestyle as a rap superstar, his riches and warns his rivals that he still sits upon the throne at the top of his game despite being absent.

I got gold and I got titanium
I got white gold, and it came in proper
Go find you a burner on offer
How you got gold and you ain’t got copper? (Dosser)
Tyson Fury in the party, I make shoulders fling
Klitschko in the ring, ’cause he just got a box from the Gypsy King
Jheeze, same old story
You can get soaked, or soaked in glory
I got a house in the sticks, it’s awkward
I know that my neighbours are votin’ Tory, surely
Fredo’s my brother, we’re locked in for life
I told bro to drop me some gamе
My American tings, they’re too impolitе
Right, everybody made them a mill, let’s play a game of who still got one
I’m on Rowan Road with my ninja, knock down ginger, let’s see who spots one (Fuck)
If you wanna run up on me just do it then
I got 99 problems, going broke ain’t one, but a bitch is two of them
Twenty-two with a 2.2, just came back from a long vacation
By the time that I’m done that’s a 2.1, I got redbones and I got Asians
(Let me land, let me land)
I got chocolate and I got cravings
I just fly the tings in Turks and that shit works ’cause they put the cakes in
If it weren’t me on paddles, I got saddled, sat on handles
My shooter stayed in touch, it came in clutch cah I don’t do manuals
You got dope, then you got hope
Nope, I see it from a different angle
Bad bitch with her hair on rope, Olivia Pope, it’s one big scandal

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