Nigerian “American Idol’ Contestant Funke Faint During Duets Round

Nigerian "American Idol' Contestant Funke Faint During Duets Round

Nigerian "American Idol' Contestant Funke Faint During Duets Round

Nigerian “American Idol’ Contestant Funke Lagoke fainted During Duets Round. The singer passed out face down on the stage while she was listening to feedback from the judges after she performed The Exciters’ 1962 hit “Tell Him.”

The scary moment came after a package in which Lagoke sympathized with the struggles of her singing partner, Ronda Felton, describing her own childhood full of relentless bullying and teasing.

Cameras caught Lagoke giving Felton a backstage pep talk and encouraging her after their “rocky” rehearsal that she admitted shook her up a bit. Once the women hit the stage under the duet name “Melanated Queens” and crushed their emotional ballad take on the song — ending with a longing note from Lagoke — they patiently waited for the panel’s reaction.

The audience at home could hear Katy Perry say it was “the end of the road” for Lagoke as the singer looked on with a concerned look. With Luke Bryan advocating for Funke, Lionel Richie explained that the trio had a “clear and present disagreement” over the duet, calling the performance a “train wreck.”

Looking concerned, Lagoke touched her face and then toppled to the ground as Richie prepared to tell her why her big finish didn’t work.

An ambulance rushed Lagoke to the hospital after she was removed on a chair gurney and Richie let a crying Felton know that both singers would go through to the next round.

In an on-screen note, Idol said Funke was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital and is expected to return for next week’s showstopper round.

Watch the Nigerian “American Idol’ Contestant Faint During Duets Round

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