CJ – Whoopty (Remix) F. French Montana & Rowdy Rebel (download)

CJ - Whoopty (Remix) F. French Montana & Rowdy Rebel (download)

CJ - Whoopty (Remix) F. French Montana & Rowdy Rebel (download)

Here is CJ – Whoopty (Remix) (download) F. French Montana & Rowdy Rebel. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

The new single comes a fast-paced visual. The crew came out to play in the streets of New York for the music video and recruited a few puppies for protection in the process.

“Whoopty” was featured on CJ’s recently released EP Loyalty Over Royalty, a project that was executive produced by French. While speaking with us for our Rise & Grind series, CJ praised French for helping him navigate his career. “Shout out to French. You know, that’s family. He just wanted to help out on this project and just give me some guidance,” said the rapper.

“I’m seven months in the game. He’s been in the game for a little while,” he added. “He knows the ins-and-outs of this industry. He just wanted to guide me in the right direction and help me with this project. But yeah, shout out to French. That’s family right there.”


Remix, it’s a movie (Haan)
Show me the box like Boosie
She jump off the Vert like Uzi (For what?)
Blue cheese
Hunnids, hunnids, blue cheese (Hunnids, hunnids)
Model face like Karrueche
Make up like Jeezy and Gucci (Brr)
I flow like Big with the cool g
Swagged out
I’ma ride ’til they let Max out (Sleezy)
Favorite rapper back out
On that OnlyFans with his ass out (Ha)
(Sleezy’s) You know I’m back with the Sleezy’s
My neck full of Fiji (Fiji)
King of New York, out of PC (Haan)
Back on my boss shit, AR with a full clip
FDR with a new whip
Send it to DR for a new hip
We up on the opps like we choose it (Baow)
I’m Larry David, no Webster
Get rid of weigh, light flex
Yeah, Salt Bae with the chef
Breaking Bad with the meth
French McGregor with the left

Rowdy Rebel

It’s shmovie (Huh?)
Salute me or shoot me (Baow, baow, baow)
Don’t let me skrrt skrrt with your groupie in the two seat (In the skrrt, skrrt, what?)
Pour up four in the toolie
Who he? (Come on now)
Bust down, nigga icy
They don’t like me, fight me (Fight me)
Pull up [?] with his wifey (With his wifey)
Came a long way from bustin’ Nikes (Bustin’ Nikes)
Bust down Patek, precisely (Precisely)
And this shit come shit pricey (Shit what?)
She like how I talk, spicy (She like how I walk)
Drip when I walk, Spike Lee (Drip when I walk)
Louboutin, not no Nike (Huh?)

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