Porter Robinson – Musician (download)

Porter Robinson - Musician (download)

Porter Robinson - Musician (download)

Here is Porter Robinson – Musician (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the dance music act.

The new single is off his upcoming second album ‘Nurture’, which was previewed with ‘Look At The Sky’ back in January. The body of work will mark Robinson’s first album in seven years, following on from his 2014 debut ‘Worlds’.

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The record “spans a highly challenging period in Porter’s life” and deals with Robinson’s experiences of severe anxiety, which was brought on by the pressure of his success. Having eventually made it back into the studio, the musician worked on intimate piano-led material.

“It’s like, ‘Alright, I’ve found my footing, and I know I can really do this now.’ And I just tried to throw all of my rules away and have as much fun as possible,” he continued. “Ironically enough, this is the least sad song on the album, but this is the song that makes me cry.

“It’s a fun one. I just sound so happy on that song.”

Arriving today (March 3), the electronic, glitchy new number was “one of the very last songs written” for the new record, and has been described by Robinson as feeling “like a celebration, like I’m revelling in the joy of newfound inspiration”.


No, I don’t miss the feeling anymore
Yeah, I want something new to love
I was so nostalgic,
but I’m fine without it
You don’t really want what you think you want
No, I don’t wanna lose it
this emotion
Yeah, I just wanna do everything
I get so excited
when I finally find it
It just gets brighter from now on

Then you sigh:
“You know I love you, so I think I should tell you, Porter,
this life: isn’t it time that you grow up?”

Oh, it’s calling
I just can’t stop, I’m sorry
I can feel a new day dawning
(I burn up, burn out –
I shouldn’t do this to myself)

But sincerely,
Can’t you feel what I’m feeling?
I can see my life so clearly
(I burn up, burn out –
I shouldn’t do this to myself)

Well, this is why we do it,
for the feeling.
How do you do music?
Well, it’s easy:
You just face your fears and
you become your heroes
I don’t understand why you’re freaking out

Then they say:
“Fine, well do what you need to
But I don’t want to see you
Wasting your life
Isn’t it time you get a job?”

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