Netflix Announces Animated ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Series In Development For 2022 Premiere

Netflix Announces Animated 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Series In Development For 2022 Premiere

Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to Netflix!

The series will be titled Sonic Prime and is slated for premiere in 2022.

Expected to have 24 episodes, Sonic Prime is aimed at kids aged six to 11, as well as legacy Sonic fans of all ages and the story will focus on the “Blue Blur” of video game fame in a high-octane adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests in his gloved hands.

Sonic’s adventure in the new series “is about more than a race to save the universe, it’s a journey of self-discovery and redemption.”

“Sonic is a beloved character and holds a special place in everyone’s heart including my own,” Netflix’s Director of Original Animation, Dominique Bazay, shared in a statement.

“I spent many hours with the blue blur as a kid and it’s a privilege to be able to bring this character everyone knows and loves on a brand new adventure with Netflix — one that a generation of loyal fans and brand new fans around the world can enjoy.”

It was recently announced that the recent Sonic The Hedgehog movie is getting a sequel.

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