Ameer Vann – IDFIATOK (download)

Ameer Vann – IDFIATOK (download)

Ameer Vann – IDFIATOK (download)

Here is Ameer Vann – IDFIATOK (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act.

The Former BROCKHAMPTON member follows up on 2020’s “Keep Your Distance” with his new record The rapper has been surrounded by controversy for years after being kicked out of the boy band.

The video for “IDFIATOK”, an acronym for “I Don’t Fit In And That’s Okay”, is creative as ever, showing off some of Vann’s genius.

You don’t wanna mess with the Southside boy
Where them killers and the dealers sitting outside, boy
Show me to the stove, burn your house down, boy
Whip a nickel to a fifty like a real dope boy
Tall white tee, no-style niggas wanna be like me
Real big shoes and them little ass jeans
Got you niggas falling down when you running from police
Crooked ass teeth
Gold on the neck, call Johnny for my piece
Married to the lean, floating on the trees
I can’t leave thе house, do it only for a fee
Money in my pockets, still tryna gеt it free
Gasoline, but my tank on E
Walking with a limp ’cause the stick on me
Running to the cops who are not like me
Talking on the net, you are not like me

Niggas talk shit ’cause they don’t like me
Cold right now ’cause I’m so icy
Niggas swear they Jesus but I just might be
Walking on the water through the storm I see
“Peace, be still,” but ain’t no peace when you come around here
See him chillin’ at the store and they kill him right there
Playin’ in the mud got you lil’ niggas scared, locked up or dead
I don’t gotta write ’cause the voices in my head tell me what I’m finna say, every word I ever said
Niggas gangbanging, then they running to the feds
Checking into rehab, never took my meds
Real street nigga putting money on your head
I don’t got a friend ’cause like all my niggas dead
Can’t roll the drank, took a silly nigga bag
Take ’em four pounds and I steal ’em right back

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