Mel B Admitted She Couldn’t Hide Her Accent On ‘The Masked Singer’

Mel B Admitted She Couldn’t Hide Her Accent On ‘The Masked Singer’

Mel B Admitted She Couldn’t Hide Her Accent On ‘The Masked Singer’

Pop star Mel B has admitted that she could not hide her accent on ‘The Masked Singer’.

The 45-year-old pop star felt “gutted” after pretending to be Emma Bunton in an effort to escape elimination from the show.

She said: “I thought I did quite a good job not sounding so northern but they sussed it. I couldn’t believe it.
“It’s gutting, hilarious and shocking. I’d only just started!”

Mel pretended to be her Spice Girls bandmate during her performance of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ in a bid to hide her identity.

She said, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I pretended I was Baby Spice. To be quite girly and soft with no accent was hard actually – it just didn’t work.”

Mel also revealed she remained absolutely silent about her ‘Masked Singer’ role, even keeping the news a secret from her mum.

She said: “I didn’t tell anybody, not even my mum. My mum’s a big gossip so if I told her, then all the other girls’ mothers would have known.”

Similarly, Mel managed to keep the news a secret from her Spice Girls bandmates.

The pop star shared: “Whenever I’m in London we always make sure we get together. It was like, ‘Shoot, I’m in London and they don’t know’.”

Four members of the Spice Girls – Mel, Emma, Geri Horner and Mel C – came together for a reunion tour in 2019.
And Mel previously admitted to being one of the driving forces behind their comeback.

The singer – who first found fame in the girl group in the mid-90s – explained: “I’ve always said we’re going to get back together. I dream about it on a regular basis.

“This is not my job, this is my life and my girls. I wouldn’t be here without my girls.”

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