Flight – Off Poppin’ Gone (download)

Flight – Off Poppin’ Gone (download)

Flight – Off Poppin’ Gone (download)

Here is Flight – Off Poppin’ Gone (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

The rapper announced on a Twitch livestream on November 30th that a new single would be dropping on Friday, December 25th.

Cookies got me higher than a long neck ostrich
Hold it, hold it, nigga, I’ve been really rockin’ Polo (Uh)
Bitch ride the dick like a motherfuckin’ solo (Skrrt)
Nigga with a bad bitch
Slim thick, ratchet (Slim thick, ratchet)
How the fuck that work, lil’ nigga? You be chattin’ (You be chattin’)
Niggas think I’m talkin’ shit, this the beginning (This the beginning)
Link up with your bitch, if she with it, then she winnin’
Bitch, I’m countin’ chicken
Bitch, I’m on a mission
Puffin’ on this wood, got it fuckin’ up my vision

I’m off my grind, so you know I’m finna shine (Know I’m finna shine)
I don’t chase nothin’ else but them dollar signs (But them dollar signs)
Baby, I know that you wanna be mine (Wanna be mine)
But I’m a big baller, cannot waste no time
Nigga, this a G Wagon, this ain’t a Rover (Vroom)
FTC really ’bout to take over
Smokin’ on gas ’cause I’m a stoner
I make the paper, you make the turnover
Know y’all want the hot shit, call me Nike, do it (Do it)
I’m the trendin’ topic, it ain’t really nothin’ to it (Uh)
Hearin’ what they got, but I never see ’em shoot it
Claimin’ you’s a drug dealer, nigga, who you foolin’?
See you smoke the pot, but I never see you move it (Nah)
Fuckin’ on this bitch, then I’m clear how I’m move it (How I’m move)
Throw that ass back, go and show them how you do it (How you do it)

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Listen to the full song after the cut.


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