Jose Mourinho Defended Lloris

Jose Mourinho Defended Lloris

Jose Mourinho Defended Lloris

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho defended Lloris.

José Mourinho, in the press conference after the draw between Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace, defended Hugo Lloris, his goalkeeper.

The coach said that, in his opinion, he is the best in the league. He also complained that the players, in general, did not carry out his plans well.

Tottenham hit a minor setback in their Premier League match against Crystal Palace.

Some of the criticism of Mourinho’s team was directed at Hugo Lloris, but the coach, at the post-match press conference, showed that he has every confidence in him.

“My goalkeeper is the best in the Premiership. Full stop. If I really have to blame someone, I do it with the whole team. It’s the one who wins, draws or loses. At half-time I gave some instructions to the players and in the second half they did exactly the opposite,” he said.

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He extended his analysis on the latter further:

“I was able to predict what might happen in the second half. I asked the players not to accept being in a low defensive block, not to accept their dominance because, in the end, it would give them a corner or a rebound or a second move”.

“You don’t have to accept that situation. I want to believe that our players didn’t do better because Palace put pressure on us and didn’t allow us to have the ball the way we had in the first half, it’s to their credit because our players wanted to do their best”, he concluded.

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