Snoop Dogg To Launch Professional Boxing League Called The Fight Club

Snoop Dogg To Launch Professional Boxing League Called The Fight Club

Snoop Dogg To Launch Professional Boxing League Called The Fight Club

Rapper Snoop Dogg is launching his very own professional boxing league called The Fight Club.

While the likes of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton aren’t involved, the Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper will be the official announcer and face of the club, and he’s also a partner, alongside Ryan Kavanaugh.

The pair have been business partners for many years, and own video-making and social networking service Triller together.

Sports fans will have heard about Snoop’s boxing commentating debut at the weekend, during which he had viewers in hysterics as the 49-year-old described Mike Tyson’s fight against Roy Jones Jr on.

While the big match ended as a draw between the two boxers, many named Snoop as the real winner for his hilarious comments.

Little did we know that Saturday’s event was actually ‘the first of many, many events’ for The Fight Club.

Confirming the news while speaking to TMZ Sports, Kavanaugh said, ‘Long and short of it is [the Tyson vs. Jones Jr fight] was the first of a league we have called The Fight Club, and it’s a league owner by Proxima, which is the parent co to Triller.’

Snoop will be the official celebrity announcer, and the face of it and spokesperson. But he’s also partner so he’ll be helping with setting up the fights, setting up the music acts, and the whole shebang. This was really the first of those events.

Kavanaugh went on to add that he and Snoop want to ‘change up the entire way that boxing has been done’, and following Saturday’s event, think they have successfully done so.

TMZ asked the Triller co-owner who they have lined up next, and while he couldn’t give any names, he promised that ‘the main fight is going to be one that everyone wants to see’.

Following The Fight Club getting Tyson out of his 15-year retirement, I’m inclined to believe Kavanaugh when he says the next fight is going to be a big ‘un.

Prior to Tyson vs Jones Jr, YouTuber Jake Paul knocked out ex-basketball player Nate Robinson in their match.

The 23-year-old has since said he’d like to continue his sporting career and called out a handful of people he’d like to go up against, including UFC legend Conor McGregor.

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