Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It – Status (download)

Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It – Status (download)

Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It – Status (download)

Here is Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It – Status (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

Their new single is the latest from the duo’s forthcoming project. “Bang Bang” released some weeks back will also be on the collaborative album.

Okay, okay
Put him in the trunk (Trunk)
Put him in the forest, change his name to Gump (Gump)
Soon as I let the window down, you gon’ smell the skunk (Dope)
Legendary, write my name in Rosetta Stone (Stone, ayy)
Yeah, you got a chain but you a punk (Punk)
Yeah, I got a pump, I let it rock like punk (Punk)
Four pail, triple S’s, bitch, you gettin’ stuck
Speedin’ in a foreign, pockets holdin’ all the humps
Yeah, I’m rich, homie, but don’t know that nigga Quan (Nah)
Neck on lagoon, boy, yo’ shit be on pond (Ha)
Snakes in the grass when we stummin’ on the lawn (Stum)

When I pull up, you know I’m swaggin’ (Swaggin’)
He actin’ like a killer, nigga braggin’ (Nigga braggin’)
Somebody tell security, let the bag in (Let the bag in)
Walk up in the club, get the backend (Get the backend)
They won’t even know a nigga packin’ (Packin’)
I might be high but I ain’t lackin’ (But I ain’t lackin’)
Flame a little blunt, no stressin’ (Dirt)
Gotta have the lead, bitches sketchy (Sketchy)
Four years probation, judge petty (Judge petty)
Oh, you think you got me? Let’s get it (Let’s get it)
Knock, knock, knock, bitch it’s FedEx (Knock, knock)
They can’t read about you on Reddit (On Reddit)

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Listen to the full song after the cut.


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