Scream Reboot Has Finally Been Given An Official Title

Scream Reboot Has Finally Been Given An Official Title

Scream Reboot Has Finally Been Given An Official Title

The highly anticipated Scream Reboot has finally been given an official title.

Original Scream writer Kevin Williamson, who co-created the franchise with the late Wes Craven, announced the name of the fifth movie in the horror saga on Instagram.

“That’s a wrap on Scream, which I’m excited to announce is the official title of the next film!” he wrote alongside a series of snaps from the set of the film in North Carolina, including one of him posing with original Scream stars Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell, who are reprising their roles for the reboot.

“Nearly 25 years ago, when I wrote ‘Scream’ and Wes Craven brought it to life, I could not have imagined the lasting impact it would have on you, the fans.

I’m excited for you to return to Woodsboro and get really scared again,” Williamson continued, paying tribute to director Craven, who helmed four of the Scream movies before his death in 2015.

Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are directing the reboot, and Williamson revealed Craven would be happy with the movie they have created, which has reunited original Scream stars Cox, Campbell and David Arquette.

“I believe Wes would’ve been so proud of the film that Matt and Tyler are making.

I’m thrilled to be reunited with Neve, Courteney, David and Marley (Shelton), and to be working alongside a new filmmaking team and incredible cast of newcomers that have come together to continue Wes’s legacy with the upcoming relaunch of the franchise that I hold so dear to my heart,” he concluded.

Melissa Barrera, Jack Quaid and Dylan Minnette are also starring the reboot, which is set to be released in January 2022.

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