Mo’Nique Calls Her Husband Daddy Because He’s Raising Her

Mo'Nique Calls Her Husband Daddy Because He's Raising Her

Mo'Nique Calls Her Husband Daddy Because He's Raising Her

Mo’Nique calls Her husband daddy because he’s raising her on Tamar Braxton newly formed podcast, Under Construction. The Oscar-winning actress discussed “a Love Worth Fighting For.”

During the chat, Mo’Nique touched on the topic of people questioning her about calling her husband “Daddy.” Mo’Nique said, “He’s raising me. He’s giving me everything that my father did not. And I when I tell you sometimes it can be so goddamn embarrassing and it’s just me and him in the room.”

“See, ain’t nobody else in the room and he’s had to say some things to me Tamar that has taken me to my knees,” the actress added. “And then he’ll pick me back up and he’ll say, ‘Is anything I’m saying to you not true?’ And I’ll say, ‘Everything you sayin’ to me is true, but right now n*gga, my ego, I need you to walk away because the crazy b*tch inside of me is gettin’ ready to say somethin’ and mess up the moment.'”

Mo’Nique added that she advises Black women to let their guard down when it comes to love and while it may be uncomfortable, “when you got a king, he’s gotta prepare you to be the queen.”

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