Manchester United Closely Follow Raphaël Varane

Manchester United Closely Follow Raphaël Varane

Manchester United Closely Follow Raphaël Varane

Manchester United are closely following Raphaël Varane. ‘Manchester Evening News’ spoke about the long love-hate history between Manchester United and Raphaël Varane. After being behind his transfer twice, the definitive offer could come in 2021.

Manchester United are closely following Raphaël Varane, who hasn’t renewed with Real Madrid and who could leave the club in the next few months.

There is a perception in England that Los Blancos are not entirely satisfied with the Frenchman, who is one when playing alongside Ramos and another when he isn’t.

Varane, who lowered his prestige after that calamitous Champions League knockout tie against Manchester City, is still quite liked by United.

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It is an interest that is long, as in 2011 when he signed for Real Madrid, he could have joined United.

Varane chose to go to Los Blancos and United didn’t seem to care a lot, as Ferguson opted for Jones. Time would justify one deal and condemn the other very early on.

During Mou’s time at United, the Red Devils tried again for Varane, but his price was excessive, something that, according to ‘Manchester Evening News’, wouldn’t happen now, when there are fewer months until the Frenchman’s contract ends.

The idea is to go for the French footballer, who will turn 28 in April, with everything and it remains to be seen what Real Madrid will think of the offer.

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If Los Blancos manage to sign a CB, perhaps they will be able to get rid of a player that has had a lot of ups and downs.

At the bottom of all the trouble, however, is the Red Devils’ mistrust.

United fear that Varane could use this interest once again to his advantage, which would be nothing less than renewing with Real Madrid until beyond 2022 and on better terms.

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