Gryffin & Audrey Mika – Safe with Me (download)

Gryffin & Audrey Mika – Safe with Me (download)

Gryffin & Audrey Mika – Safe with Me (download)

Here is Gryffin & Audrey Mika – Safe with Me (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

Gryffin and Mika complement each other, with his bright, beautiful pop sound and her tender expression of longing. Though “Safe With You” wasn’t created specifically in response to the overwhelming stress and uncertainty people are feeling, Gryffin and Mika were pleased at how perfectly it aligned with the times. “It just so happened that it fit so well with the vibe of the world,” Gryffin says.

Don’t know why I get so messed up in my head
But I keep puttin’ up fences
Anything to keep away from the truth
Maybe I been goin’ too hard, doin’ too much
Tryna drown out my senses
I don’t know what I be tryin’ to prove

Audrey: I heard the demo and was honestly hesitant to get on it since it was such a different genre for me. But I wanted to be open-minded and I knew the song would be fire because it was Gryffin, so we got in the studio and recorded vocals. It turned out so great and I’m so happy I pushed myself to do something I don’t normally do.

Gryffin: As the song was being worked on, I got put onto Audrey’s music from one of my managers, and was immediately drawn to her voice and sound. We pitched the idea of the record to her and she connected with it right away. We got into the studio in LA, and began to fully develop the sound and vibe of the record. We’re so happy with how it turned out.

People tell me I’m a fighter, a survivor
No, I don’t suffer fool’s luck
I’ve never been the type to get lonely, yeah
But bein’ old kinda gets old, kinda gets cold
Always keepin’ it cool, yeah
There’s a side of me they don’t see

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