Black Widow Star O. T. Fagbenle Reveals Details About His Character

Black Widow star O. T. Fagbenle has revealed details about his mysterious character.

Elaborating a bit about what we can expect, Fagbenle admitted that the two characters “have a bit of a vibe going on”.

“Mason is a finder for people who aren’t so affiliated with armies, like people who are part of the underworld,” he said in Marvel’s Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book (via ComicBook). “He can find anything you need as well.

“He’s had a relationship doing that work for the Black Widow, and they have a bit of a vibe going on. There’s a sense that there’s more to their relationship than it being purely work-related, so that’s always in the mix.”

Teasing their relationship further, he continued: “Mason’s story starts when Natasha is trying to escape, and she needs a place to hide out. So we hang out for a little bit. And then later on, when she gets in trouble, she calls me up again. I help her out with a Chinook.

“If you need a helicopter, I’m the guy to ask, and then again every time she’s in trouble, she calls me… Mason is the guy that you want on your side if you get into a hard corner.

“Natasha definitely takes advantage of the opportunities for him to provide certain things – she never really pays with cash and she doesn’t have credit either. She’s always like, ‘Yeah, put it on my tab.’ It’s a pretty long tab by now! I’m a giver.”

Black Widow has a May 7, 2021 release date.

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