Vivian Green – Love Absolute Album (download)

Vivian Green – Love Absolute Album (download)

Vivian Green – Love Absolute Album (download)

Here is Vivian Green – Love Absolute album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the R&B music act.

Vivian offers individual takes on love — from the romantic, to the familial and even love of self — draped in her own distinct style that incorporates ballads, mid-tempos and even party starters.

Tracks like the reggae-influenced “This Love” and slight rock of “That Kind Of Pain” show that she’s still got versatility nearly two decades into the game.

Vivian takes on its moody jazz and poetic lyrics as if she were in a smoke-filled lounge bemoaning her plight with a microphone in one hand and a glass of brown liquor in the other.

“I went back to the genesis and purity of my craft,” Green said in a press release. “While there are tracks on previous albums that came about this way, I never intentionally and insistently made half of an album from scratch.”

She continued, “I’ve listened to Love Absolute many times and I must say that it’s wonderfully versatile and beautifully cohesive. It’s gentle, tough, regretful, sexy, honest, loving and gives fans a look into my life. It also conveys self-love; love of my people; love of jazz; love of my privacy; and love of love. I haven’t made an album this honest in some years.”

Vivian Green – Love Absolute Tracklist:
1. Love Song (3:10)
2. You Send Me (3:49)
3. He Didn’t Hurt Me (Interlude) (0:28)
4. This Love (2:48)
5. Light Up (feat. Ghostface Killah) (3:29)
6. Where You Are (3:19)
7. Harlem Blues (feat. Mike Phillips) (4:16)
8. Flames (Interlude) (0:45)
9. That Kind Of Pain (3:25)
10. Sweet Home (3:47)
11. Diaspora & Dishes (Jordan’s Question) (Interlude) (feat. Jordan Green) (0:45)
12. We Are Everywhere (3:57)
13. The Walk Up (3:19)

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