Benny The Butcher shot in Houston

Benny The Butcher shot in Houston

Rapper Benny the Butcher has been shot at a Walmart in Houston Texas. He was rushed to the hospital after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

According to TMZ, the Griselda rapper was recently shot in the leg in an attempted robbery.

“Houston PD tells TMZ … the New York rapper was in town Saturday and visiting a local Walmart with a couple friends in tow,” the news outlet claims.

“While they were in their car in the lot, we’re told a car with five guys inside pulled up next to them and whipped out guns … demanding their chains.”

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The reports continues that the robbers felt like Benny and his team weren’t moving at a quick enough pace and after growing impatient, one of the assailants shot the MC in the leg.

This caused the other robbers to flee, as well as Benny and his team. Once they felt safe, the pulled over and called the cops.

Another rapper Boosie The Badazz was also reportedly shot in the leg on Saturday (Nov. 14) — which also happened to be his birthday, as well; in Dallas, Texas.

The rapper was reportedly in Dallas to attend fallen rapper Mo3’s funeral, who was signed to Boosie. Earlier this year, the two dropped their full-length project Badazz MO3.

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According to reports and eye witnesses, he was sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of Big T Plaza when a shootout, which he wasn’t a part of, took place.

After Boosie was hit, he was quickly taken to the hospital to treat his gunshot wound.

This Benny the butcher shot news isn’t the only type that has hit us with King Von being the lastet rapper shot and killed in an altercation with Quando Rondo.

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