The Wytches – Three Mile Ditch Album (download)

The Wytches – Three Mile Ditch Album (download)

The Wytches – Three Mile Ditch Album (download)

Here is The Wytches – Three Mile Ditch album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the Garage Rock music act.

The Wytches have built a name for themselves as one of the UK’s best-loved and well-regarded underground bands. Their coven of loyal devotees have stuck with them through thick and thin; their recent four-year break in between albums two and three could certainly be put in the “thick” category, with a change in label and line-up and original drummer Gianni Honey leaving the band in 2019.

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On Three Mile Ditch, The Wytches aren’t necessarily reinventing the wheel; instead they redefine the wheel to no longer need reinvention in order to stay fresh and enjoyable. It’s a testament to the sounds of a band exploring their sound, defenestrating their limits, and having a blast doing so.

01. Cowboy (4:29)
02. Three Mile Ditch (4:00)
03. Midnight Ride (5:07)
04. Fly Inside (3:17)
05. A Love You’ll Never Know (4:15)
06. Meat Chuck (4:33)
07. Everyone’s Friend (3:14)
08. White Cliffs (3:36)
09. Silver Trees (4:04)
10. You Looked Happy To Me (5:31)

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