Quakers – II The Next Wave Album (download)

Quakers – II The Next Wave Album (download)

Quakers – II The Next Wave Album (download)

Here is Quakers – II The Next Wave album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the rap music acts.

This project is as authentic as hip hop can be. Featuring over 25 MCs on over 30 tracks across 2 LPs, it’s a highly accomplished journey into the more concious and musical territories of rhyme and beat.

It contains explosive, up-to-date commentaries on subjects such as American politics, Black identiy, gun laws, disproportionate wealth and global disengagement with minorities.

There’s a tense & abrasive mood to the entire album, as if a demolition ram is about to smash through a brick wall. It’s fiercly aligns itself with Run The Jewels & Clipping and is terrifyingly arresting with its urgent aggression.

Featured MCs include Sampa the Great, Koreatown Oddity, Jonwayne, Guilty Simpson, Grandmilly, Jeremiah Jae, & more.

01. Electrify (0:23)
02. Start It Like This (1:56)
03. One Of A Kind (1:30)
04. Sell Your Soul (0:54)
05. Bare Essentials (2:27)
06. A Myth (1:33)
07. This Station (2:25)
08. Alive (0:20)
09. Heat On It (1:32)
10. Double Jointed (2:30)
11. Who Dat (1:36)
12. Radiola (2:21)
13. Gun Control (2:37)
14. We Tried (0:27)
15. Duck & Cover (2:15)
16. Morphine (1:24)
17. Approach With Caution (2:32)
18. The Streets (1:01)
19. Looking For Love (2:21)
20. Fa Real (1:50)
21. A Quick Fix (1:59)
22. Test My Patience (1:36)
23. Too Many To Count (0:54)
24. Greatness (1:30)
25. Hit List (1:46)
26. Another Kind Of War (2:59)
27. Leaflet Drops (0:45)
28. One O’clock (0:24)
29. All Of It (2:21)
30. Machine Room (1:27)
31. Pain (0:50)
32. The Line (2:02)
33. Blocks (2:21)

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