Toni Nadal Spoke About The Barcelona Situation

Toni Nadal Spoke About The Barcelona Situation

Toni Nadal Spoke About The Barcelona Situation

Toni Nadal, Rafa Nadal’s uncle and part of Victor Font’s candidacy for the presidency of Barca, analysed the current situation of the club and expressed his concern for the future of Leo Messi.

Víctor Font is one of the favourites to take over the presidency of FC Barcelona. The Catalan has been working for some time on a project that this Friday he revealed in one of his bombshells.

Toni Nadal, uncle of tennis player Rafa Nadal and brother of former player Miguel Ángel Nadal, will be one of the heavyweights of the club’s Behaviour Area. A surprising announcement but one that has been in the works for some time.

“It’s been quite a while, about two years now. I was introduced to him by Antoni Bassas. He explained to me what they wanted and I was very impressed. He has been preparing this project for a long time.

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He doesn’t leave it to chance and he predicted some of the things that are happening.

The vision of the future and what the club needs. Barcelona is in a complicated situation,” said Toni himself in ‘El Larguero’, who did not hide his surprise when he was first contacted.

“This is the first time I’ve been offered this. I am a tennis coach, a member of the club and a supporter. I was surprised when they told me.

As for my work, the philosophy is clear. We all like to win, to lift trophies, but you have to make a point from the bottom to the top of the club, that you have a commitment to the club.

With correction and education. The values have to be used from the president to the last person of the club,” he said.

Toni also gtouched on a delicate subject, the future of a Leo Messi who was close to leaving the club last summer. Something he really feared for a few days.

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“Yes, for me it’s a bad sign that the best in history wants to leave. We have to make an effort to convince him to continue, but we will see if the economic situation allows us to pay for it,” he explained.

Finally, Toni Nadal also had words (and criticisms) for the management of Josep Maria Bartomeu, now ex-President of Barcelona.

“It has not been a good job, unfortunately. I would like it to go well for everyone: for Setién, for Koeman, for Bartomeu.

For one thing and for another it has not been done well.

In a complicated economic situation, moreover, with COVID-19. Bartomeu did not want to do badly. Setién intended to win the Champions League and they put eight in against him,” he said.

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