Maradona’s Doctor Clarified His Arrest Ten Years Ago

Maradona’s Doctor Clarified His Arrest Ten Years Ago

Maradona’s Doctor Clarified His Arrest Ten Years Ago

Maradona’s Doctor has clarified his arrest that happened ten years ago.

Leopoldo Luque, Diego Armando Maradona’s personal doctor, spoke to the newspaper ‘Olé’ about his arrest ten years ago for a fight.

The doctor said it was “dismissed” and the process was suspended for lack of evidence.

One of the people closest to Maradona is his doctor, Dr. Leopoldo Luque. The doctor takes care of the Argentine legend when he needs medical care.

After talking about the state of health of the ’10’ on more than one occasion, ‘Olé’ contacted him to clarify a personal issue from the past. Ten years ago he was arrested by the police in a street fight.

“My family invited me to go to Caraza for the New Year, back in 2010. I was in the house and they told me that outside they were fighting. I went outside and saw that my brother, two of my brothers-in-law and two other people were arguing in a corner. Everyone knew each other. There were fights, one of them wanted to hit me, and the person who ended up dying went the other way,” Luque began to recall.

The doctor continued in the same vein: “I knew I had done nothing. And one day, out of the blue, the police came to the Finocchietto Hospital, where I was working, and took me away. Imagine! I went to the police station and I didn’t understand anything. When my lawyer showed me what the witnesses had said, I couldn’t believe it. They said that I had kicked people on the floor, stepped on their heads”.

Finally, Maradona’s personal doctor spoke of the moment when everything was resolved. “I went to court and everyone who had accused me said the opposite. I had done nothing. And when it was the dead person’s brother’s turn to speak, he also said he never saw me hit him. And I was acquitted,” he concluded.

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