George Ezra Back Home For Lockdown

George Ezra Back Home For Lockdown

George Ezra Back Home For Lockdown

The ‘Budapest’ hitmaker has revealed he’s living back at his family home in Hertfordshire after leaving London amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on his ‘Phone A Friend’ podcast, the musician said: “It’s been another brilliant week and also, the thing I can’t overlook is the moving back home and still I’m seeing people I love, which makes a big difference.”

As the UK prepares for it’s second national lockdown for four weeks on Thursday (05.11.20), George insisted he’s used to spending long periods at home.

He added: “Three or four years ago there was a trend of people dressing up as clowns in public and scaring people?

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“I didn’t leave the house for two months. I hated it. I just thought, ‘Who is that fun for?’.

“Then scary films. I remember being at friends’ houses in groups when I was about 14, 15, and they would be like, ‘Let’s watch a scary film’. I used to have to say, ‘I might have to go home’.

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