Kyle Walker Could Return To Sheffield United

Kyle Walker Could Return To Sheffield United

Kyle Walker Is Not Ruling Out Returning To Sheffield United

Manchester City player Kyle Walker admitted after the Sheffield United match that he would like to return to the club where he was made.

At 30, Walker seems to have decided the place where he is going to put an end to his career. It seems to be that his wish is to return to Sheffield United, the club that he joined at 6 years old.

The affection he has for the city’s club is pure and so he let it fall after beating them with a goal from him last Saturday. “It’s my city, it’s my home and my whole family is still there. I think everyone knows the love I have for the club and what it means to me, what it did from the time I was six until I was 18 when I left Sheffield United to join Tottenham”, he told ‘BT Sport’.

Moreover, the full-back, who played 35 times for the Blades, admitted that he would have liked to play more: “I feel that I joined the team and left immediately, but I felt it was the right thing for me knowing that I would return on loan to Sheffield”.

Tottenham signed him in 2009 and then he was loaned to QPR and Aston Villa until he won the RB spot. He arrived at City in 2017 and they paid a big sum for him and he is now a regular for Guardiola.

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