Sam Smith Performs ‘Kids Again & ‘Diamonds’ on Late ‘Colbert’ show

Sam Smith Performs 'Kids Again & ‘Diamonds’ on ‘Colbert’

Sam Smith Performs 'Kids Again & ‘Diamonds’ on ‘Colbert’

Sam Smith took to the stage on the Late Colbert show to perform ‘Kids Again & ‘Diamonds’, tracks from his just released album, Love Goes.

Both renditions not only showcased the smoothness and richness of Smith’s voice but also came with the added bonus of hearing them sing against live instrumentation, giving the songs a slightly different feel than they have on the album.

Smith was originally scheduled to release their third LP in June under the title To Die For, but the album was rescheduled and renamed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“I am sorry it’s taken a while,” Smith said in a statement. “But these unprecedented times gave me the room and space to fall in love with these songs all over again. After it all, I still believe love is the answer. And with love in our hearts and kindness in our words and actions, we sing on.”

Watch Sam Smith Late Colbert show performance below.

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