Hilang Child – Every Mover Album (download)

Hilang Child - Every Mover Album (download)

Hilang Child - Every Mover Album (download)

Here is Hilang Child – Every Mover album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the alternative music act.

The new body of work follows his 2018 debut LP Years. Riman says of the new album, “I wanted it to sound a bit gutsier than the first album, heavier and closer to the kind of stuff that hits me when I go to shows or blast music in the car. I started out in music as a drummer playing for pop or beat-driven artists and grew up listening to louder stuff, but a lot of the music I’ve made as Hilang Child has been more ethereal. I wanted to bring it back to a place that feels more ‘me’ and make more of a thing of having big hypnotic drums, aggressive bass, ripping distorted instruments and a general energy to it.”

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He adds, “I get told I’m quite an openly emotional person, and I suppose the extremes in this album reflect that! But I also wanted the album to roughly follow the mental flow of feeling worthless, then recognising it, then accepting your shortcomings and trying to work on it, then coming out unscathed on the other side. I’m still not fully out of the spiral. The Covid apocalypse, alongside some personal life changes, have definitely caused it to resurface. But I’m glad I made this album as a kind of cathartic primer on trying to deal with it.”

To keep fans in the anticipation mode, the music act releases a new single, “”Anthropic (Cold Times)” which is a summary of the album’s message: a pledge to break free from the chains of insecurity and social comparison, instead learning to love and appreciate the beauty around us and, most importantly, in ourselves.

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The chaos of 2020 has breathed a new meaning into it for me, which I never foresaw; I see in it a general statement of hope for a future in which we leave behind these difficult times and find unity.

Hilang Child – Every Mover Tracklist:
Good To Be Young
Seen The Boreal
King Quail
Pesawat Aeroplane (English)
The Next Hold
Play ‘til Evening
Magical Fingertip
Anthropic (Cold Times)

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