Bea Miller – Elated ‘EP’ (download)

Bea Miller - Elated 'EP' (download)

Here is Bea Miller – Elated EP (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new extended play project is the latest music effort by the music act.

Bea Miller releases her latest 7 track project which gets a guest feature from Aminé. The new project is the first since her 2018 sophomore album ‘aurora.’

The singer shared via Instagram, saying, “I’ve had many days and nights where I felt afraid to share it [elated!] with you. To share it even with my friends and my family. Sometimes I don’t realize how deeply certain experiences and observations affect me until I write them down, and creating this ep was incredibly freeing. I ask that you listen to it with an open mind, and I hope that it will be there for you in moments when you’re laughing, in moments when you’re crying and everything in between.”

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“Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to creating this collection of songs in any way,” she shared. “I couldn’t have sorted through my thoughts without you, and thank you to all of you, who have stayed with me until I was ready to share them. I hope it was worth the wait”

Miller admits that staying positive during quarantine has been a constant challenge, but the impact of her music on its listeners is not lost on her. “I’m glad I created something to make people feel a little bit better, at least a little bit more understood,“ she says.

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Bea Miller’s elated! EP:
1. “hallelujah”
3. “forever is a lie”
4. “making bad decisions”
5. “i never wanna die”
6. “wisdom teeth
7. “self crucify”

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