Ashton Irwin – Superbloom Album (download)

Ashton Irwin – Superbloom Album (download)

Ashton Irwin – Superbloom Album (download)

Here is Ashton Irwin – Superbloom album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the alternative music act.

The 5 seconds of summer act finally drops his 10 tracker for music lovers and fans all over the world.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about his debut album, Irwin noted how he expects the experience he had during the creation of the record to help inform his work down the line, whether it be in 5 Seconds Of Summer, or working with other artists.

“The whole point of a solo project, it’s to go adventure, go see what’s real to you, and I think that will make me a better collaborator in the future with the band,” he explained. “I think I’ll be a little more gentle with individual’s concepts, I think I’ll be a little more accepting or what they want to write about as well, and I think we’ll have a more equal split of what we’re talking about in our lyrics.

“Now that I know that, ‘This is what I like writing about,’ and actively showing them to the band, they’ll listen to that and go, ‘Well that’s what means something to Ash. That’s individual to him, and that’s where we can utilise him as a tool in the band.’”

Although Superbloom is only his first solo album, Irwin notes that he undoubtedly intends for the future to contain more records released under his own name, while making reference to plans for the fifth album from 5SOS.

“I would really love to [do more solo albums],” he explained. “I would love to write more music on my own, but I actually feel really excited to get stuck into some 5SOS down the track, and yeah, it’s wonderful moment in time.

“I’ve already kind of started on a second record, but I’ve also started on the next record for the band. We’ll see what happens.”

“In terms of being a touring artist, I don’t know if that’s for me at the moment,” he explains. “I have my fair share of touring on my plate with 5 Seconds Of Summer.

“I would call myself a fucking amateur director [laughs], but I really love film, and I love photography, and I love kind of creating music videos, so in the future, maybe I can come up with a creative solution to touring that’s visual and film-based. Which is, in brackets for you, a hint, on what you’ll see soon [laughs].

“Yeah, it’ll be different. It might not be physical touring, but it’ll be some kind of something [laughs].”

Ashton Irwin – Superbloom Tracklist:
2.Have U Found What Ur Looking For?
3.Skinny Skinny
5.Matter of Time (Interlude)
7.The Sweetness
8.I’m to Blame
10.Perfect Lie

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