WhoHeem, Tyga x Lil Mosey – Let’s Link Remix (download)

WhoHeem, Tyga x Lil Mosey - Let's Link Remix (download)

WhoHeem, Tyga x Lil Mosey - Let's Link Remix (download)

Here is WhoHeem, Tyga x Lil Mosey – Let’s Link Remix (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music acts.

18-year-old rapper WhoHeem gained himself a TikTok hit with “Let’s Link,” and now he’s back with the updated version. The remix follows the release of the video for the original version of the track, which Complex premiered earlier this month.

“The song going viral was really unexpected,” WhoHeem said of his newfound TikTok fame.

“My manager was telling me to drop it but I didn’t think it’ll be this big, I’m very appreciative about how the song is going and all my fans are messing with me. It’s nothing but love! I got more earslappers coming y’all way.”

Capitalizing off the momentum of the track, which has since been streamed over 75 million times and is gradually climbing the Billboard 100, WhoHeem effortlessly holds his own against two more established artists on the remix. “Ain’t Ludacris, but I tell her ‘Move, bitch,'” Tyga raps in his verse. “I’m a motherfuckin’ G, got ruthless / Press the button, make the car go roofless.”

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I Like You, I don’t want to fuck on your best friend
Let me get a little pussy, little lesson
We could link, we could link, with a text message
You ever been in a Ferrari, skrrt
Make a wish, y’all could do it too
You a little bopper, got a little booty, bop
And she wanna top me, don’t spit the flu?
I’m a dog, move bricks, got a new bitch
Ain’t little, Chris, but I tell her move bitch (move)
I’m a mother fuckin’ G, go ruthless
Press a button, make the car go roofless

Lil Mosey

Shorty, do your dance and clap once
Baby, shake your ass and clap twice
Finna bring you back home, give you good pipe
Then I seen your boyfriend text you goodnight
Bitch you think that I care, I just want to beat it up and pull hair
Just bounce that up baby good air, she only tryna fuck with a millionaire
Ima leave a little drip on your forehead, then I find another one in the mornin’
I ain’t tryna get a wipe that shit borin’, (yuh) you know I’m tryna fuck cuz she foreign
Last time I fucked I record her off a iPhone
Said it’s so good she was singin’ on a high note, she get so lit that’s a side note (damn)
She gon’ spit on this dick with her eyes closed


Prada baby, she a flocker
Don’t let any nigga hit, so they call her a bopper
Can’t no bitch top her
She got a squabble like a nigga, yeah, she get it from her father
Sex in the City girls
Nails done, lemon braids, they’re so pretty, girl, ah
She don’t be in any world
Wrong shoe, wrong fit, no Cinderella, girl
Car basic
Bro big mad it’s not him that she chasin’
Two weeks, he couldn’t find a replacement
He done lost a good bitch, downgraded to a basic

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