Terror Jr – Running From the Sun (download)

Terror Jr – Running From the Sun (download)

Terror Jr – Running From the Sun (download)

Here is Terror Jr – Running From the Sun (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the pop music act.

This is Terror Jr’s third single from their upcoming album, Rancho Catastrophe. The duo teamed up with producer Cole M.G.N. again, who first worked with Lisa & David on last year’s “Enemies”. “Running From The Sun” switches gears and ups the tempo by a lot.

“Light me up with your touch , let’s get weird I don’t judge“, Lisa sings over a hectic electronic beat, reminiscent of some PC Music artists. “It feels like ecstasy, let’s stay up til we can’t no more“, she continues just before the song reaches its chorus. Under all this charged-up energy and the desire for the night not to end, there are also some more serious undertones. Lines like “why’d we go to sleep just to wake up in a broken dream” reveal that the band might want to escape more than just the sun that had already burned them in stand-out hit “Caramel.”

I wanna call you my one
But the night is almost done
Either this is where we go
Or we’re running from the sun

Where we go to sleep
Just to wake up in a broken dream
The party’s just begun
But we’re running from the sun

Break, take
Anything that can’t wait
My sweat on your waist
No regrets no mistakes
Was ready to go out the gate
Lets take, lets break
Broken hearts, no trace
Cause I don’t wear it on my face

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