Phora – Cupid’s Curse ft. Kehlani (download)

Phora – Cupid’s Curse ft. Kehlani (download)

Phora – Cupid’s Curse ft. Kehlani (download)

Here is Phora – Cupid’s Curse (download) ft. Kehlani. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

Superstar singer Kehlani takes the first verse to the new single while Phora rounds up the song in his usual style.:

Driving ’round town in my new Jeep
Runnin’ too deep like there was your keys
I don’t got the time to be on my knees, just to beg you please
Wonder when you gon’ [?]
Riding ’round town with your new flame, she a cute thing
She ain’t nothin’ like mе
Always tryna play but this ain’t a game
And once I’m gone, baby what you gon’ say?


I’ve been riding ’round town with a new girl but it still feel like it’s just us two (Just us two)
Shit don’t really feel like we used to but I’m prideful, yeah I’m just like you
I, need you and I want you and it’s hard to admit but I still love you
I wanna start fresh, wanna trust you, wanna love you the way that you need me to (Te way that you need me to)
But I’ve been (I’ve been, I’ve been)
Pushin’ you aside, at the same time checkin’ if you callin’ (Callin’, callin’), oh
You’ll never learn to fly if you’re too afraid of fallin’ (Fallin’, fallin’), no
Life’s too short, let’s roll the dice, I’m all in now (I’m all in now)
I’m all in now (I’m all in now)
You were right there
I was lonely on the ground, you were right there
Went from bein’ in my dreams to my nightmares

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Listen to the full song after the cut.


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