Jessie J and Channing Tatum have broken up again

Jessie J Confirms Split From Channing Tatum

Jessie J Confirms Split From Channing Tatum.

“Single life in a pandemic” 2020 strikes again, and this time the victim is a celebrity relationship.

Since getting together in 2018 they have had an on-off relationship and people have, unsurprisingly, been hooked to their romance

When these two started dating, all eyes were on them. An American actor and a UK singer together in one loved up international relationship – it was a love made in celebrity heaven.

The two were a random enough pairing, but it seemed to work. We were happy for them. We wanted the best.

But if Jessie J’s Instagram is anything to go by, the couple are off.

She posted a video two days ago of her drinking wine and twerking, captioning the video: “What my pupils are actually doing while I calmly stare at you trying to get a quick read on your energy.

“Single life in a pandemic is [eye emoji]. It’s supposed to be funny. So don’t get serious Sally in the comments. Sorry if your name is Sally and you aren’t serious.”

Not quite sure what all the serious Sally comments are about, but what we’re getting from that post is that she and Channing have called it off.

The two haven’t been insanely public about their relationship to date but they have remained the (sexy) elephant in the room that everyone knows about.

They have broken up a few times before and sources close to the couple have said they are “better off as friends.”

Last year, Jessie referenced her relationship with the actor in an interview.

She was asked what advice she would have given herself 10 years ago, to which she replied: “Take a breath… you’re going to get with Channing Tatum in 10 years so keep going!”

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