Kota The Friend – Dragon (download)

Kota The Friend - Dragon (download)

Kota The Friend - Dragon (download)

Here is Kota The Friend – Dragon (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

The rapper delivers some wise words on his brand new single. Over his own jubilant production, Kota details living in the moment and not taking life for granted.

People say there’s more to life
Than getting rich and walking right
Graduate from nine to five
Sit and watch the time go by
I don’t really know, that may be it all
It could be the whole thing
I do what I want, I go where I please
But still I want more things
I let lost people run my life
Sing these songs, it’s all I got
Lost myself to a part I play
Now I’m just sad and my head hurt

In May, Kota The Friend released his latest album, Everything which featured guest appearances from the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Bas on “B.Q.E.,” LaKeith Stanfield and Lupita Nyong’o on “LaKeith’s Interlude” and “Lupita’s Interlude” and the rapper’s son Lil Kota on the outro.

“Everything to me is, first of all, whatever you make it, and second of all, is waking up, breathing, being authentic. It means everything to me to just genuinely be yourself,” KOTA told HYPEBEAST. “Doing something out of fear is not real. That’s a lot of the reason why I go about my career the way I do, saying no to big opportunities and turning down record labels deals that would offer me more money than I’ve ever seen, because it’s not real to me. It’s not me. Being authentic is everything.”

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I used to want to be up on the music blogs
I used to want to sign a deal with Interscope
I used to want to be up in the illest cars
With the baddest women and the illest hoes
And the mad Benz, on the cal, with the ceiling off
Looking at my ex-girl, walking as I’m peeling off
Camera pan close up on her face and she’s still in awe
I may not have a million but I’m chillin’ Dawg
And if I could go back, I would say to him
“Just focus on your spirit and you’ll make it Kid
And do right by the women that you make it with
Taking her for granted, she’s someone you should be patient with
Get your momma flowers, even when she get you mad mad
And people backstab, be careful and keep a trash bag
Skip the fast pass, be knowledgeable, that’s the bag bag

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