Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce Album (download)

Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce Album (download)

Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce Album (download)

Here is Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the rap music act.

The album supposedly reckons with a whole lot of turmoil in OME’s personal life, and “Death Parade” is a sober account of how trauma recurs in our lives. “This song is about the cycle of trauma,” OME said in a statement.

“The personal trauma thats been a throughline in my life and how traumatized people tend to inflict more trauma on themselves and others.”

Throughout a week of shows, Eagle performed only one song from his new album, “Anime, Trauma and Divorce,”: the woozy first single, “Bucciarati,” a startlingly raw accounting of his experiences with the three subjects in the album’s title.

“That’s a very vulnerable song in an environment that doesn’t give you the energy back to make something vulnerable more comfortable to do,” he said.

“I’ve listened to a lot of rap and heard deeply vulnerable songs but I ain’t never heard nothing like this,” he said on a Skype call the week before the drive-in tour. He was in his home in Los Angeles, wearing a purple shirt with a caricature of the wrestling icon Ric Flair on it, and a pair of dark-framed eyeglasses. “It’s terrifying because I don’t know if people necessarily want something like this. Rap is such an escape.”

Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce Tracklist:
01. Death Parade (2:24)
02. Headass (Idiot Shinji) (feat. Video Dave) (3:22)
03. Sweatpants Spiderman (2:37)
04. Bucciarati (feat. Kari Faux) (3:57)
05. Asa’s Bop (feat. Little A$e) (2:39)
06. The Edge of New Clothes (3:10)
07. Everything Ends Last Year (2:20)
08. The Black Mirror Episode (3:01)
09. Wtf is Self Care (2:09)
10. I’m a Joestar (Black Power Fantasy) (3:04)
11. Airplane Boneyard (2:24)
12. Fifteen Twenty Feet Ocean Nah (Live from the Joco Cruise) (feat. Little A$e) (3:16)

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