Ally Brooke – What Are We Waiting For (download)

Ally Brooke – What Are We Waiting For (download)

Ally Brooke – What Are We Waiting For (download)

Here is Ally Brooke – What Are We Waiting For (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act.

The 27-year-old is released her memoir, Finding Your Harmony, on October 13 and has now linked up with dance music maestro Afrojack for a new banger.

The Fifth Harmony singer has already performed the song on tour. From a live fan recording. In the last couple of years, she has recorded bangers with Topic, Matoma, Lost Kings, Florian Picasso and, of course, Afrojack.

Had no plans to show up (Ah-ah-ah)
Was about to leave (Ah-ah-ah)
You came out of nowhere (Ah-ah-ah)
The possibility

Turnin’ nothing into somethin’
Oh, I like we’re dancin’ slow and
I can feel it, feel it coming
I do, baby do you? Woah

How we get this close?
Wonder how far we go
Losin’ all self control
What are we waitin’ for?
Dancin’ until they close
Hold me and don’t let go
Don’t wanna leave alone
What are we waitin’ for?

In other news, Ally Brooke said it’s tough being a virgin, especially when you think you’re the only one — something she wants other late bloomers to know is a complete and total misconception.

Speaking with TMZ, the Fifth Harmony singer about the recent revelation that she hasn’t done the deed yet which is crazy to think about considering she’s gorgeous, famous, but also already creeping up on age 30. Ally’s 27 right now, but maintains she hasn’t had sex.

The reason which she lays out in detail in her new memoir, ‘Finding Harmony’ — is because she’s waiting for marriage … plain and simple. Our photog asked if she comes across temptation as a pop star, especially on the road, and Ally didn’t mince words.

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Listen to the full song after the cut.


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