Winona Oak – Piano In The Sky (download)

Winona Oak – Piano In The Sky (download)

Winona Oak – Piano In The Sky (download)

Here is Winona Oak – Piano In The Sky (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act.

The Swedish pop artist is rolling out a second EP called SHE on October 23, which contains recent single “With Myself.” Winona describes her new project as bolder and angrier than CLOSURE, which she puts down to being a little older and wiser.

Other topics of conversation included making music in quarantine, her upcoming debut album and the songs she has been listening to in 2020.

There’s a pinao in the sky
I hear it playing all the time
There’s a rope I’m holding tight
I dream of falling every night

I’m tired of thinking that I don’t deserve you
I’m drowning the day when you let me go

So take all this love from me
I don’t want to feel anymore
Just take this heart of me
You had every part of me
I’ll be fine, I promise

Don’t say, don’t say, don’t say, don’t say
There’s a way to live without me, baby
Too late, too late, it’s all too late
So I’ll stay, ’til I break

Therе’s a boy who reads my mind
A love so dark is hard to hide
I know hе knows I’m scared of heights
And still he only wants to climb

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