Joe-Warren Plant Signed Up For New Series Of ‘Dancing On Ice’

Joe-Warren Plant Has Signed Up For The New Series Of ‘Dancing On Ice’

Joe-Warren Plant Has Signed Up For The New Series Of ‘Dancing On Ice’.

The ‘Emmerdale’ actor who portrays Jacob Gallagher on the ITV soap was confirmed for the show during today’s (22.09.20) ‘This Morning’ episode, by roving soaps reporter Sharon Marshall.

Speaking to the brunch-time show’s hosts Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby who also co-host ‘Dancing on Ice’ – Joe-Warren said: “I’m super excited, I can’t even describe it.

“I’m glad I’ve got the time off ‘Emmerdale’ to really focus on training, and to try my best.

“It’s a new challenge. I’ve never done anything like it before.”

But the star hasn’t had as much time to wear his boots in as he could have done – because he accidentally got his shoe size wrong.

He said: “I’ve been trying to get them moulded to my feet so they don’t hurt and rub when I’m training.

“But we actually had a problem with them.

“They were asking about my shoe size and me being an idiot, I told them the wrong shoe size.

“So I went to try the skates on and they were just way too big for me. I needed a size down.

“I got them sent to me the other day and since then I’ve been trying to wear them in a bit.”

While the star is taking six months off from ‘Emmerdale’, he will be back as Jacob when the character returns from Portugal.

He said: “Jacob is off to Portugal for six months to visit his mum.

“He’s got a job lined up over there working on a boat.”

Joe-Warren admitted he has “no idea” who his ‘Dancing on Ice’ partner will be, but Phil teased that he and Holly do know.

And she added: “Do we? It think we do actually. Ooh, I’m not saying anything!”

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