BBC Buys Anna Kendrick Comedy Love Life

BBC Buys Anna Kendrick Comedy Love Life

The BBC has bought the romantic comedy anthology series Love Life, starring Anna Kendrick. The ten-part series, which first aired on HBO Max in the US, will be broadcast on BBC One soon.

Kendrick takes the lead role of Darby, alongside co-stars Zoe Chao, Peter Vack, and Sasha Compere. The series is narrated by Mum’s Lesley Manville.

It tells the story of a woman’s romantic entanglements, with each half-hour episode tells the story of a different relationship.

The show received a muted response from critics when it  launched in May. But it has performed well with audiences and has been renewed for a second season, to revolve around a different character.

Sue Deeks, the BBC’s head of programme acquisitions, says: ‘Love Life is so engaging and relatable – I am sure BBC viewers will really enjoy witnessing all the romantic experiences the characters go through in the series.’

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