NIKI – MOONCHILD Album (download)

NIKI – MOONCHILD Album (download)

NIKI – MOONCHILD Album (download)

Here is NIKI – MOONCHILD album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the pop music act which comes in a three disk format.

Moonchild was originally announced in 2019 and was supposed to be released at the end of 2019 but was delayed. On March 24th 2020 a new teaser was posted on NIKI’s Instagram and Twitter, after she archived all of her Instagram posts and blank her profile picture the day before.

The Indonesian vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer delivers a ten-song project which is an ambitious concept album that traces NIKI’s own journey while tackling universal themes of identity and empowerment.

“In the past, I have gravitated towards writing about love, and my songs are very conversational and tied to the real world. But this album is definitely more about the idea of self and is more introspective. It’s discovering who you really are,” says NIKI in an exclusive virtual interview with InqPop!

“The core message is owning yourself and embracing the journey, because I think the destination is meaningless without the journey. That’s what the album is about—it’s honoring the process of the journey,” she adds.

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NIKI, with her Indonesian heritage essential to her story, has taken it upon herself to become a role model for Asian artists who would like to break into the global music industry.

“Asians are still very under-represented in [global] media, and I’ve said this a lot. But I do believe that the world is moving to a positive direction in terms of being more inclusive and mindful of other cultures,” she shares. “While I still face challenges to this day, I’m glad that we now live in a society that’s more aware of this under-representation, and that people are starting to call it out.”

According to the 21-year-old singer and songwriter—whose EP Zephyr dropped in 2018 and has since catapulted her into the spotlight, opening for Halsey on her tour that year, and leading to a signed record deal with 88 Rising—practically everyone from Jakarta is musically inclined.

When Niki sits in her car, waiting for traffic to pass or a red light to change, a group of boys might come up to the window, playing guitars. Television shows from the area are heavy on the soundtracks, and feature live performances constantly. And when Niki was a kid, her mother sang gospel music at a church in East Jakarta. Her mother’s performances, as one of six backup singers who proudly supported a worship leader with vocals, were one of her first experiences of live music.

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Disc 1:
01. Wide Open (Foreword) (2:59)
02. Switchblade (3:24)
03. Nightcrawlers (3:27)
Disc 2:
01. Plot Twist (3:27)
04. Selene (3:17)
Disc 2:
01. Tide (3:04)
02. Pandemonium (3:47)
03. Lose (4:16)
Disc 3:
01. Plot Twist (3:27)
02. If There’s Nothing Left (3:30)
03. Drive On (3:37)

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