Erica disqualified after latest Laycon dismantle

Erica insults laycon

Latest Erica and Laycon fight to get her disqualified from BBnaija show after calling him out lying that she tried to kiss him.

As they say all good things come to an end. Even bad ones amd for Erica, a disqualification from BBnaija lockdown is imminent. Total disregard of Biggie’s rules. Blatant use of foul language in addressing housemates and a knack for fighting almost everyone in the house.

Word on the street is that Erica must go and the real reason remains… Laycon.

The young guy with a love for hip-hop music and perhaps still in love with queen Erica is in the middle of this debacle. Their recent fight has led to so much emotional release from Erica, her fans and even Biggie who was caught thinking of another evicted housemate. lol.

One thing is clear… Erica has to go. Why? Her utter disregard for rules and inability to remian civil. Many already blame Gordons and nope, its not another housemate.. It is a ln alcoholic beverage that’s to blame for this latest outrage for Erica.

Erica Laycon fight

From the party to the house, her emotions flew over the place. Calling out her enemies as she so puts it. Charging down well wishers, onlookers and potential targets. Erica went riot last night and who would blame her… Blame Gordons. Blame Laycon, Blame Kiddwaya. Blame Nengi.

Don’t Blame Erica. She is the queen of highlights for a reason. Living on the edge with strikes and no care in the world would make anyone go crazy like that.

Don’t blame Biggie too. He knew things were gonna get this out of hand and kept filming. It’s part of the game and we can’t wait to see how things unfold during the eviction saga yet to happen.

Last week Ebuka called for help in hosting. Today that help should arrive or else all hell may break loose.

In the end, everyone go dey fine. Watch all the drama unfolded with the Erica laycon Disqualified question still in play.

Here is a summary from last night. Watch and share your thoughts down below.

Party dancefloor where it may have started.

Erica Laycon fight 1

Erica Laycon fight 2

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