Unzue Feels Messi Has Finally Decide To Leave Barcelona

Unzue Believes Messi Has Properly Thought About Leaving Barcelona

Unzue Believes Messi Has Properly Thought About Leaving Barcelona.

Juan Carlos Unzue, formerly of the Barca coaching staff, knows Leo Messi very well and he gave his opinion on him leaving the club to ‘Cadena SER’. He made clear that he does not think the decision was not made in the heat of the moment.

Juan Carlos Unzue is one of the most authorised voices to speak about not only Barcelona, but also about Leo Messi and the rest of the players. In an interview with ‘Cadena SER’, he made clear that Messi’s wish to leave Barca has not been just said on the spur of the moment. He also said that if he ended up staying, there would be no problem.

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“What I do believe is that the decision he has taken has not been made in the spur of the moment, it’s something well thought out and I’m sure he’ll have his reasons. Given what I know of him, I’m clear. I found it surprising because I thought Messi’s career was going to end at Barcelona. I want to think that the decision he has made has not been at all easy for him,” he said.

“If he stays, it will not be a big problem, he is going to continue with all the ambition he has had since the age of 16.  I think the first thing he is going to prioritise is a project which motivates him and makes him win,” he added.

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“When he retires, we will properly realise the fact that he has been the best for so many years. For the level of players we’ve had at Barca, I think that dressing room wasn’t a difficult one to manage because of everything they’ve won. I’ve been in dressing rooms which have won 10% of what they had and they were harder to handle,” he concluded.

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