Toni Braxton Is Now Cozy Than She Was In Her 20s

Toni Braxton Is ”More Comfortable” Now Than She Was In Her 20s

Toni Braxton Is ”More Comfortable” Now Than She Was In Her 20s.

The ‘Un-Break My Heart’ hitmaker would ”never” want to be 20 again as she feels so much better in her own skin now than she did.

She said: ”I’m comfortable being a performer and an artist. I’m more comfortable in my skin now. I never want to be 20 again. In my 20s I had no idea what I was dealing with. I like to say ageing, instead of saying older.

I feel like I am ageing and I’m comfortable with my age. And I realise now it’s OK to appreciate things a little more, although it’s challenging to find something that keeps you current without trying to be a youngster. That can be tough.”

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And Toni wishes she dated more in her 20s.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she added: ”I wish I had dated more in my 20s. I was so fixed on my career that I didn’t date. I wish I had dated what’s his name, Paul Farrell? I can’t think of his name. The Irish guy. Yes, Colin Farrell. I wished I had dated him. Or Matthew McConaughey or someone like that.

”That would have been yummy. I saw Matthew out one day and he was like, ‘Toni Braxton. I love you. I love your songs. He Wasn’t Man Enough is a great song.’ He was flirting with me but it just went over my head. I have that on my resume.

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I should have celebrated those moments but I didn’t know how to celebrate them. I just took it for granted. I wish I had enjoyed it a little bit more. I wish I’d sometimes had a few more cocktails.”

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