Danny Dyer Tearful When His Son Smashed His Lego Hogwarts Castle

Danny Dyer Was “In Tears” When His Son Smashed His Lego Hogwarts Castle

Danny Dyer Was “In Tears” When His Son Smashed His Lego Hogwarts Castle.

The 43-year-old soap star – who has children Dani, 24, Sunnie, 13, and Arty, six, with wife Joanne Mas – became “obsessed” with the children’s building blocks during lockdown and built a huge 6,020-piece replica of the ‘Harry Potter’ castle, only for his boy to take “great pleasure” in smashing it to pieces.

Speaking on ‘The One Show’, he said: “Lego. I’ve been obsessed with Lego during lockdown. I had a sad moment because I had to smash it up the other day. Because there was no room. My boy – who took great pleasure in it by the way, my little Arty – smashed up my Hogwarts castle with his aeroplane. I was in tears.

“Then he attacked Big Ben, smashed up my Big Ben. I wouldn’t let him touch my retro Batman 1989 car but he did smash up Trafalgar Square as well. So it was carnage in my gaff, actually. Now I’ve got 20,000 pieces of Lego and I don’t know what to do with them.”

This comes after the ‘EastEnders’ star’s on-screen wife Kellie Bright – who plays Linda Carter – bonded over Lego during lockdown.

She recently revealed: “He showed me his Lego! His first offering was the Hogwarts castle, no messing around.

“It did inspire me to get my own Lego, but I actually did it with my eight year old – a joint effort.”

The 24-year-old reality TV star – who is expecting her first child – recently tweeted: “I’ve teamed up with my dad @MrDDyer and @SpotifyUK to make a new podcast and we need YOUR help!

What’s more, Danny and his eldest daughter Dani have landed their own podcast series.

The 25-episode series ‘Sorted with the Dyers’ will begin in October on Spotify, where they will answer fan questions and respond to concerns they have in their day-to-day lives.

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