Frisco – Red Card ft. Skepta, Jammer, JME & Shorty (download)

Frisco – Red Card ft. Skepta, Jammer, JME & Shorty (download)

Here is Frisco – Red Card ft. Skepta, Jammer, JME & Shorty (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

I hope you trust in your friendships
Gonna need a full clip, somethin’ extended
No, I am not your father
If I gotta put him in care, better know that’s somеthin’ intensive
Man, I go zero to a hundrеd, man’s so passive aggressive
Pull up outside in something offensive
I do not care what the ends is
Fuck who’s in fashion, I do not care what the trend is
I step on the stage, it’s murder (Violent)
BBK might headline the festival, got the fans jumping


Them man are gassed like when Mario starts
Tell him I’m Wario’s darg
The beef is vegan, the Haribo’s aren’t
Know man that are locked in the can that can’t (Free them)
Tell him ain’t advanced
Don’t come to the dance if you ain’t got paper (Nope)
Straight red card, I will send man yard like I’ll see man later
Show love if I think you’re a hater
Me and my G’s dem are doin’ it major
Faded, us man are chillin’ in Vader

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– Jammer

Still leave man at the lights (Jeez)
Bad boy crep, manna got bare
Bedroom full up of SKAir (Trust)
But I don’t wear them out, not ’cause I don’t wanna wear them out
But I don’t wanna wear them out, ya get me?
Online mogul, I’m one of them
Took a year out with family and friends
Now man’s back, spit two bars, jeez, online mogul again
Bust bare jokes like Mo Gilligan
They say “More money more problems”


You think that you’re running this game, we’ve got the joystick
Made the right choices (Yeah)
Too many unique voices (Yeah)
Nah, you can never exploit this (Yeah, yeah)
Way too gone
Too many stages manna played on
Done shows in Europe, been Hong Kong (Long time)
After the dance man got a wonton (Ni hao)
You can’t keep up, manna long gone (Manna gone)
Way too elegant
Ten years deep, still relevant

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– Shorty

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