Monica vs Brandy Verzuz battle finally landed on the Instagram Live series and fans of R&B music tuned in to listen. Before both R&B superstars even arrived, over 500,000 people had tuned in. By the time they showed up, over 1 million people had tuned it.

Monica promised in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Verzuz platform was the ideal spot to put the feud to rest.

Brandy and Monica addressed the decades-long tension between the two and agreed all of the attention on it made it worse. They went on to express the mutual love and respect they have for one another despite their past. Brandy also revealed Missy Elliott, who wrote and produced lots of Monica’s material, played a role in getting her to agree to the Verzuz in the first place — but there were a few awkward moments.

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Brandy talked about an embarrassing moment she had with the late, great 2Pac.

“2Pac walks by me and he says, ‘Hi Brandy’ and I couldn’t believe he knew who I was,” she said. “He’s like, ‘I wanna be down, right?’ And all I could think of, and I beat myself up for like two weeks after this, I said, ‘Westside.’ It was a mess. Later on, I heard my name on one of his greatest songs so I want to play that.”

Brandy attempted to make a joke about the time Monica slapped her backstage at a show, something producer Dallas Austin talked about in a 2019 interview with VladTV.

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“People already think I’m abusive,” Monica said, noticeably annoyed. “Why would you say that? We had an disagreement. We know I’ll kick in a door when it comes to the opposite sex, so I kicked down a door.”

Brandy apologized profusely and admitted she shouldn’t have said that, noting, “This will probably go viral.”

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