Kelly Stone Has Tested Negative To Coronavirus

Sharon Stone’s Sister Kelly Stone Singer Has Tested Negative For The Coronavirus

Sharon Stone’s Sister Kelly Stone Singer Has Now Tested Negative To Coronavirus.

The Basic Instinct actress revealed her sibling had been diagnosed with the virus earlier this month, posting a snap of her in a “hospital room” and slamming those who refuse to wear face masks, as she accused them of passing the disease on to her sister, who also suffers from lupus.

However, on Sunday, Sharon took to Instagram to thank fans for their support and revealed Kelly and her husband, who also caught the virus, have recovered to the extent that she has now tested negative for Covid-19.

“My sister @thekellystone and her husband finally tested Covid negative today for the first time. Your love, support, care & rampant discord made changes in policy. You were heard,” she posted, before adding that the governor of Montana, where her sister lives, “did not return my call, not get tests for those 600 front line medical workers in Montana”.

Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock had claimed to have been in contact with the actress after she complained frontline healthcare workers caring for her sister were not getting the personal protection equipment they needed.

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