“Stranger Things” Actor, Noah Schnapp Accused Of Singing N-Word

"Stranger Things" Actor, Noah Schnapp Accused Of Singing N-Word

"Stranger Things" Actor, Noah Schnapp Accused Of Singing N-Word

Noah Schnapp, the actor who portrayed Will Byers in the hit Netflix series, is accused of repeatedly saying the n-word while singing along to Chris Brown and Lil Dicky’s single “Freaky Friday.”

The newly surfaced video that’s said to be of a Stranger Things star has gone viral and it shows a number of young people in a car as they dance and sing along to the song. Then, a person who is alleged to be Noah Schnapp sings, “Wonder if I can say the n-word / Wait, can I really say the n-word? / What up, my n*gga? (woo) What up, my n*gga? / Big ups, my n*gga, we up, my n*gga.” The girl recording seemed surprised but she continued to film.

The clip quickly went circulated throughout social media as people called for Noah Schnapp to be canceled, while others are waiting for confirmation that he’s the person in the clip.

The 15-year-old actor announced on his Instagram story that he had been hacked some weeks ago.

“Someone hacked my twitter [sic.] it’s not me i’m trying to get back and i’ll let you know when i do,” read his brief message.

The first tweet to raise flags among fans came on Saturday evening, and simply said, “Suicidal thoughts..”

Other concerning content came in the form of retweets, such as one suggesting someone had beaten “the f–k out of [Schnapp” and stole his phone.”

A majority of the messages have now been removed. There were also reports that Schnapp’s TikTok account was recently hacked as well.

In a previous interview with Variety, the actor discussed the short-form video app as he began to be recognized for his online presence rather than his acting career.

“I love being online because I feel like you can just be yourself and it’s so easy to open up. I just love social media because it’s just on a screen with all these people,” he said. “You don’t see anyone so it’s easy to open up and have fun and not worry about what other people think. TikTok especially is just so casual and very nonjudgmental.”

Schnapp added: “It’s one big inside joke and everyone understands it. It’s crazy to see how everyone can collectively come together and agree and decide on doing things.”

Back in April, Schnapp’s “Stranger Things” co-star Joe Keery faced a similar hack on Twitter.

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