Chris Webby – On The Run

Chris Webby – On The Run

Chris Webby – On The Run

Here is Chris Webby – On The Run. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

Started at the bottom at hunger and got nothing
Told ’em I would get to the finish, I’m not bluffing
There wasn’t a day since then I stopped hustling
The pot’s bubbling, my stock’s doubling
Shoes hit the pavement and everything in view’s for the taking
Hit with a boom, the room shaking
Moves that I make and the record’s set soon that I’m breaking
Show ’em the truth, I’m through waiting
Rock it
Disregard traffic signs, I’m not stopping
Only way to pass the time that I’ve gotten
And they all a lap behind while I’m jogging
No other option, they all watch it
Dead or alive I’ma get to thе prize
My competition bettеr go hide or get a disguise
When all my methods applied and they met their demise
Baby you gon’ feel the temperature rise so keep running

Move it
Worked too hard for this, I’m not losing
How many points by now have I proven?
‘Til somebody give me a shot, won’t stop shooting
My evolution is not human
At my lowest still I stayed focused
Oh this hopeless prognosis make most just
Hang it up, while I took loss and doses
So large it’s a miracle I’m here to show it
No brakes
Stepping on the track to win the whole race
No matter what lap I’m in, I won’t wait
‘Cause I miss 100 percent of shots I don’t take
When I load up the chamber the whole place better
Hit the floor before I kick the door down
With a .44 with more rounds than a
Merry-go, there he go, stereo sound
‘Bout to burn this whole place to the ground

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